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FactFinders is a registered spy company providing satisfactory private investigation services throughout Pakistan. We are available 24/7 and seven days a week. The professionals are highly qualified and experienced in all fields of detective investigations. They are skilled in handling child locate, missing persons, cheating spouses, to corporate screening and verifications. If you face any criminal or civilian mishap and need reliable assistance, contact FactFinders experts near you.

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Private Detective in Pakistan

FactFinders (Pvt) Limited is Pakistan’s first-ever competent private detective agency, which is the Government of Pakistan registered for its capabilities and authorities. Our primary approach is to facilitate the clients to solve their personal and business matters. The experts collect and analyze the relevant happenings and facts and prioritize them to achieve the desired targets. We are committed to delivering the best screening and investigation services throughout Pakistan at an affordable budget. The professionals are well-trained and experienced in handling sensitive and diverse cases. Factfinders staff are license holders for their knowledge and skill sets. They regularly update the latest technologies and gears to work more precisely. The company has personal eye provisions in the United Kingdom and delivers ethical, trustworthy, and excellent services across the country. Our jurisdictions cover legal, criminal, civilian, business, banking, financial, real estate, healthcare, and cyber security issues. The specialists serve the different sectors with superior investigation protocols as reliable partners and help to reach the actual situation.

Pakistan’s Best Private Investigators

The experts are focused on delivering objective evidence, ethically proven facts, trusted analytical skills, and dynamic behavior toward help seeker concerns. is the state-registered agency authorized to collect any required documents from private and government institutions. The experts are experienced in gathering the sound evidence and facts needed to solve any case of criminal or civilian nature. Private Investigators professionally settled the mysteries with careful judgment and confidentiality of the client.

Experienced Members

The experts have previous decades of experience from the police, army, and law enforcement departments. They are rigorously trained with practical tools and tricks to cope with emergencies. Private investigators have in-depth knowledge of state laws and acts and are mostly retired personnel from government agencies. Hence, they have the expertise and competency to pursue complex cases vigilantly. To join any detective agency, the applicants should clear the aptitude test and achieve the government-approved licenses to continue their career. Additionally, they must complete the internship at any relevant authorized agency. The concerned government department has criteria the candidate must fulfill to obtain a license.

Professional Services

Although experienced personnel is more capable than the newly qualified, it’s not the only measure of success. The hired staff have the highest esteem in their profession and maintain competency in their work. We have a team of permanent agents, some freelancers, and sub-contractors on honor bases. The specialists are credible in their performance and documentation. The company sometimes hires licensed professionals for some more specific tasks.

Fastest Provisions

FactFinders Investigators are the swift and competent detective service in Pakistan. We deliver customized services depending on the needs and demands of our valuable clients. The experts are skilled in handling emergency cases in an organized and time-management way. The staff responds to the quires promptly, received on website or the phone calls. They develop the best communication with the client and give initial consultation without a fee. To maintain the help seeker satisfaction, the professionals make their availability 24/7.

Technological Skills

These detective services are new in Pakistan, and we are the pioneer in delivering such outclass at affordable charges. The authorities are trained from the UK to give their best and teach the new generation in this field. The technological renovation in the investigation sector enhances the reach of professionals to resolve suspicious happenings reliably. They are skilled in using software databases and record-obtaining protocols from courts, police stations, driving records, employment details, NADRA, and other concerned institutions. We are authorized to collect any personal and business elements of any private and administrative organization.

 Complete Secrecy

We understand the privacy issues of the client and keep their identity confidential, although we are not bound. The dedicated PIs honor the concerns of the help seeker and deliver secure work. Sometimes they report to the court on our customer’s behalf and hide their presence. Similarly, the interviewed people are not exposed publicly to give them protection.

Strong Determination

A private eye is a risky and exhausting occupation and needs strong willpower and technical expertise to survive. They should be vigorous in self-defense and weapon-using skills. Investigating hidden truths is full of obstacles and challenges. But the determined expert’s nerve gives up and goes to the last end to achieve their goals. FactFinders specialists are enthusiastic about solving various mysteries and spending day and night gathering clues and facts.

Core Service of FactFinders Private Detector

Pakistan’s most dynamic and trustworthy detective agency is the registered identity to deal with various gumshoe cases of criminal to civilian nature. We help clients in screening, investigation, registration, verification, and consultancy aspects of personal to business matters.

Screening Services

The experts are vigilant in conducting the background screening of the person for employment purposes, to find missing persons, child custodian cases, pre-marital checking, and cheating spouse screening in the shortest period with validated outcomes.

Employment Screening

Multinational companies and security agencies hire us before employing any candidate to check personal details to maintain the safety and integrity of their workforce. After our verifications, they feel protected against potential criminal accidents or fraud. They are secure from incompetent hiring, loss of training cost, workspace violence, and scam incidents. This is the most important investigation service for business communities. We provide them with personal details of the applicate, academic verifications, and reasons for leaving their previous job.

Pre-Marital Screening

We are helping parents in finding the right and loyal partner for their grownups. The professionals check the desired person for the authenticity of the personal details, hometown address, phone numbers, and employment details of that person, and also, the criminal or violence records are checked. The FactFinders team frequently handles such cases to help them make the right decisions.

Missing Person Screening

People hire us to find their loved ones and, more commonly, to rescue child kidnapping incidents. We provide the fastest service for re-locating missing persons and tracing them nationwide and internationally. Our United Kingdom staff help finds people going abroad for employment or under another scenario. Law enforcement seeks collaboration to collect suitable glues and records about the missing child. Sometimes for the screening of eligible custodians for child adaptation.

Cheating Spouse Checking

Clients working abroad or in other cities want to have a private eye on their spouse to check for any extra-marital affairs. We confidentially work for them to gather background screening of the person and conduct surveillance to reach the actual situation.

Investigation Services

An investigation involves a comprehensive search of valuable facts by interviewing the witnesses or informants, gathering physical evidence, and researching the database records. These are more elaborated services and need experienced and legally well-informed personnel. They can resolve criminal cases and help businesses with financial assistance.

Company Financial Analysis

The business authorities contacted FactFinders to conduct the financial analysis on their behalf to help in the planning sector, budget analysis, monitoring performances, forecasting, financial audits, and improvement suggestions. We have inquiry officers from finance and business backgrounds to help clients effectively.

Intellectual Property Infringement

When someone violates their intellectual property rights, our professionals provide expert services. This section includes using the third person image, company logo, or trademark without taking their permission. It is unethical and copyright infringement. The companies mainly use civil action to stop the violation of their rights. These are some legal jurisdictions to control this inappropriate activity.

Cyber Crime Investigation

In cybercrime investigation, digital crime is manipulated by collecting, analyzing, and revealing forensic data. The individuals are competent in recovering the system files and folders hacked or damaged by criminals. Misusing social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter comes under cybercrime. Now Pakistan is among those counties with strict laws and rules for the misuse of digital media. We have specialized database programs to resolve the issues efficiently.

Debt Collection

FactFinders provide helpful assistance to collect past-due payments from borrowers. The specialist helps the agencies and companies contact the debt defaulters to recover their due costs. We also suggest some management action plans to minimize future inconveniences. Make a legal agreement form with a mutually defined installment structure and professionally keep things.

Bank Repossession

The financing agencies and banks hired us to take back the vehicles or property claim debts from the lender who bought them on credit. We issued the court orders to return the item or money within two weeks of receiving the orders.

Verifications Services

Our Company is a registered identity to deliver verification documents from the government and non-government institutions. The agencies hire us to conduct database verifications to check personal identity. All the legislative and civilian departments cooperate in providing authentic documents as authorized state agencies.

Identity Verifications

The employment company or any other legal or financial company needs personal verification services. They need the in-depth detail of any individual for the warding any funds release or job opportunity. National Database & Registration Authority issues each Pakistani citizen an ID, which has all biodata of that person with a recent photograph. We have a strong collaboration with NADRA for the executive of identity verifications.

Verifications for Embassy

Each country has its scrutiny method for offering visas. It is a legal process to verify the originality of a person. Our members assist in cross-checking the applicant’s submitted documents. We conduct background screening, personal interviews, and medical fitness certification checking from concerned departments.

Medical Insurance Verification

People get registered for medical insurance and misuse the resources by fake healthcare billings. Under such circumstances, FactFinders settled the dispute and verified the records cordially. To help the decision makers to deliver the due rights to the original person.

Consultancy Services

We are a multidimensional private investigation firm in Pakistan that facilitate people with the most demanding services with the most straightforward approach. FactFinders provisions encircle all those areas that were not previously focused. PIs are the officials who work in confidential with different departments on country security issues.

Security Consultation

The customers are entertained in personal as well as any company safety services. The personnel can predict all possible risks to any individual or organization. They design security strategies to control any mishap. The personal security guards are armed and trained to grip any severe condition.

Security Gadgets Installation

The main object of installing safety gears and systems is to protect defined surroundings from security risk, monitor the actual condition, and determine the actual happing in case of an accident. The experts are experienced in successfully installing CCTV cameras, Doorbell cameras, smart locks, smart plugs, hidden cameras, and smoke or carbon dioxide detectors.

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FactFinders Detective service is the best and most competent Private Investigation agency in Pakistan, effectively working in all major cities, including the United Kingdom. We have a vast network of inquiry agents offering reliable expertise 24/7. They diligently work with private and law enforcement companies. The government of Pakistan approved an agency that delivers special provisions at the lowest budgets.

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Are you searching for competent professional private investigation services in Pakistan? FactFinders have been helping worried people for over a decade by facilitating them in their personal and organizational matters. Our distinctive features than others are;

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What are the basic services Private Detective offers?

Private detectors are helpful in fraud cases, installment defaulter tracing, collecting evidence for police or lawyers, child custody cases, and divorce incidents. All available services are mentioned in detail on the official website.

Can a private detector perform the duties of a bodyguard?

A Private detector work as a bodyguard too in some surveillance, where there is a need to give protection to witnesses. Similarly, we deliver personal security services to experienced officials.

Is it legal to Hire Investigator from Detective Agency in Pakistan?

Hiring any private investigator is legal in Pakistan. Our private detectives are experienced and qualified experts. They would never do anything unlawful or unethical. All data and evidence collection are carried out legally.

Is it safe to hire us for personal concerns?

It is completely confidential and secure to avail of our private eye services. We guarantee the privacy matter of the customer. The conclusive evidence is honest, transparent, and shown to the client on his will.

What is the charge mode of a private detective?

The payment method may change for the convenience of the client. There should be some milestones defined along with payment installments.

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